Digging Deeper

Digging deeper for Joshua 10   (4/1/20)

  • In light of Numbers 33:50-56, what was God’s intention as Israel flooded into Canaan? What about the other cities, Deuteronomy 20:10-18. 
  • What are some New Testament principles that we see in the deception by Gibeonites?
    • The response by Joshua and the chiefs?
  • Why is it important that more died by the Lords hand then by the sword?
  • Spend some time rereading chapter 10 and make notes to the symbolism and how it relates to God’s story for us, specifically as we draw near to Easter.


*  note…. Symbolism is an important element of scripture but we must be careful to interpret scripture in the light intended. We have no reason to doubt the events of this chapter as historically accurate and precisely recorded. Some scripture is literal, some figurative, symbolic and poetic to mention a few. When common sense makes perfect sense, seek no other sense.




Digging Deeper 3/25/20

  1. We have seen many memorials erected in Joshua and it usually leaves us with a mental picture of piled up rocks. We also see Joshua writing the law on the stones. Read Deut. 27:1-26. How does this change your view of the monuments? Of Joshua’s behavior?
  2. What do we learn about the Gibeonites in Chapter 9? What light does Genesis 36:2, 20 shed as well as Joshua 10:2?
  3. Was Joshua’s oath to the Gibeonites sinful? Does Deut. 20 change your perspective? What about Joshua 9:14-15?
  4. Joshua’s response to the deception was fulfillment of prophecy from Genesis 9:25. What were the consequences of not seeking God? Joshua 9:18; Romans 8:26-28