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Saving Grace Bible Church Family - Let's come together in prayer on Wednesday's at 7:00 a.m. and/or 7:00 p.m.  (For those who are enthusiastic--join in both times.)  For prayer requests and specific needs of the Saving Grace body, please login.  


This Sunday - 10:00 a.m. Worship 


UPDATE:  In light of recent exposures to covid within the community we have cancelled the afternoon/evening Annual celebration. This was an extremely difficult decision but one we felt neccessary with the information we have at this time.
But we do want to acknowledge 9 years with Saving Grace so here is the plan for Sunday.
We will have donuts and coffee available at 9:30am with a time of fellowship. The same will be for after church, we will have donuts and coffee for your fellowship. The church has purchased a number of pens with our information that you may have seen in the backs of the chairs but we want for each of you to take one. We know how pens get left behind, taken etc. and that is the point. We don't mind if you leave these pens behind for someone to find and learn about Saving Grace.

 LOOKING AHEAD: on August 30th we will be hosting Wes Goddard who is a missionary to Paraguay. He works with the Pai people and has an amazing ministry to share with us. He serves with Ethnos 360 which has around 2300 missionaries in over 20 countries. We will be allowing a time of q and a either at the end of service or after service. After service we will be doing a "box lunch" dinner so that people can stick around and get to know Wes and find out more about his adventure and God's faithfulness. People can find more about Ethnos 360 or Wes by going to